ITS FORUM 2018! Traffic Management in a changing world . Infoblu protagonista!


It’s been a few days since ITS Forum was held at the LEF Future Center in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and it was used to gather ideas and summarize the evolution of traffic management, digitalisation, multimodality and smart infrastructure in Europe . The first conclusion is that Europe is at the forefront of data collection and Italy is also a leader in the management and use of the same for the transformation into B2B and B2C services.

Infoblu and Telepass, together, are one step ahead of an evolutionary step that will make it possible to further increase the optimization of Big Data, the Internet of Things, and Data Lake for the organization and delivery of advanced services for companies and consumers.

The busy program of the two days of the Forum, has seen delegates, speakers and panelists from all over Europe, addressing important macrothemes … here are some:

  • Traffic Management and Mobility as a service
  • National Access Points in the Value Chain
  • Automation in Traffic Management
  • Future of Traffic Management
  • Big Data for traffic services
  • Traffic Management and intermodal transport in the Ursa Major corridor
  • Vehicles connected and automatic Intelligence in heavy transport

    All these macrothemes have been developed in detail in sessions and sub sessions, with working groups that have made clear how ready-to-use solutions can emerge from even complex scenarios. Who wants to know the agenda, the roadmap and the details of the ITS Forum and what has been done for the traffic can click here!