Today Infoblu's navigation services are also available for navigators capable of surfing the DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting) digital network.

The innovative TPEG format (Traffic Protocol Experts Group), coupled with the broadest transmission capacity of DAB+ digital radio, extends the potential of the Traffic Message Channel (TMC) service transmitted in FM analog technology.

Traveling through the DAB+ digital channel, TPEG allows more information to be transmitted to navigators, such as road travel times, as well as indications of traffic accidents and blockages. This information is displayed directly on the on-board device (the road map will appear with the colouring representing the current traffic situation: red for traffic blocks, yellow for queues being formed, etc.).
Through TPEG on DAB+, it is possible to obtain “dynamic programming” of routes, allowing those travelling to receive all the necessary information in real time and possibly avoid traffic by receiving directions for the fastest route along with a precise estimate of the arrival time.

To date, the Infoblu service is only available on enabled GARMIN navigators.

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