Traffic Message Channel

Infoblu makes travelling by car or with a heavy vehicle easy with its info-mobility services. With Infoblu's TMC all the necessary information is available on enabled navigators.

TMC, which stands for Traffic Message Channel, is Infoblu’s commercial service that sends traffic reports directly to enabled navigators.

In Italy the service is provided on the frequencies of RTL 102.5 and has recently been upgraded, enlarging its coverage area and enriching its content, which is now more focused on the road the user is traveling along in order to provide all the useful information for the trip.

The signal currently reaches more than 80% of the territory, mostly excluding the more mountainous areas which are not covered by the FM signal.

To receive Infoblu’s TMC service, your navigator must have been enabled to receive the signal at the time of its production, thanks to an agreement between the navigator manufacturer and Infoblu.

The list of leading enabled automotive brands or navigator manufacturers is here on the right.

More information on the site TMC.IT