MY WAY is the first free and geolocated App of Autostrade per l'Italia, created to accompany traveling and working customers with real-time traffic information, Tutors, cameras and highway services.

MY WAY is the first free and geolocated app of Autostrade per l’Italia, created to accompany traveling and working customers with real-time traffic information, Tutors, cameras, and highway services.

In fact, My Way allows its users to be informed travelers thanks to 2 million active Infoblu sensors on about 100,000 km of roads and highways.

The application was developed with the aim of offering Autostrade per l’Italia customers a useful tool for planning their trips on highways and main roads in a simple and intuitive way.

Thanks to the app, in fact, customers can have information about:

  • TRAFFIC (speed, accidents, queues, etc.). The app provides traffic information both along a requested path and directly surrounding the user. The app also allows users to save the route that was just driven and activate “Traffic alerts” on the saved routes. After this, push notifications set according to the days and hours of interest alert the customer if there is any traffic or other situations along the route.
  • MY WAY CONNECTIONS. Customers can stay up-to-date on traffic conditions, even through the latest My Way connections aired on Sky TG 24 (Sky Channels 100 and 500 and digital TV channel 27) and on Sky Meteo (Sky Channel 501).
  • TUTORS. As you travel, the app warns you when you enter a portion of road controlled by Tutors and informs you of the average speed between the two detection points. You can also see a list of all the sections of road with Tutors along the entire highway network.
  • CAMERAS. Images from more than 1,000 cameras on the highway network can be viewed, and the most popular ones can be saved among your “Favourites”.
  • SERVICE AREAS WITH THE BEST FUEL PRICE. The app indicates all the service areas you will pass along the way: with a simple click you can open a fuel price comparison page of the next 4 service areas with the indication of the cheapest price.
  • SERVICES IN SERVICE AREAS. Users can view all the services available in the Service Areas along the Autostrade per l’Italia network (WI-FI, Bar, Restaurant, Punto Blu, Fido Park, Nursery, etc.)
  • YOU ARE IN A WONDERFUL COUNTRY. Both on the map and in the special section, you can see all the stops along the tourist experience of “You are in a Wonderful Country“, the Autostrade per l’Italia initiative which aims to promote local tourism, enhancing the territory.


Autostrade per l’Italia also developed My Way Truck, the first app in the info-mobility sector dedicated to the world of transport and created in collaboration with Infoblu and the State Police.

Through My Way Truck, carriers can consult all sorts of industry-specific information, in particular:

  • Traffic Information
  • Exceptional Transit
  • Calendar of driving restrictions
  • Snow plans
  • Specific services for carriers which are available in Service Areas
  • Push notifications during winter with weather forecast updating developed by the Weather Service of Autostrade per l’Italia and information on the practicability on roads affected by snowfall, as well as any temporary driving restrictions and alternative routes.


My Way and My Way Truck are available for free on the App Store and Google Play.