Infoblu joins Telepass Group

Telepass has completed the acquisition of Infoblu S.p.A. from Autostrade per l'Italia

Roma, May 4th

Infoblu S, p.A.  joins the Telepass S.p.A. Group, which acquired 75% of Infoblu from Autostrade S.p.A.

In the recent years, Telepass has pursued  an important innovation path that further consolidates its position as leader in mobile payment systems. Within a strategic vision, which goes from mobile payment systems to integration in the automotive sector, Telepass has recognized Infoblu as an important asset for the valorisation and monetization of data and know-how available to both companies.

For Infoblu, being part of a leading group  such as Telepass, is an excellent opportunity to continue operating in the world of BIG DATA and Artificial Intelligence, being now part of a Group already leader at national level and growing on international markets.An absolutely complementary strategy compared to the sector in which Infoblu has been operating since 2001.

For Infoblu, one of the very first Italian companies to believe in data integration and Big Data monetization in the automotive scenario, important opportunities are coming up alongside a big player that has always held a know-how and an exclusive database within the national and international automotive market, thanks to over 6 million customers and about 1 billion transactions per year.

Fabio Pressi, Chief Executive Officer Infoblu S.p.A., Chief Data Officer of Telepass SpA
“I am very pleased to finally announce a project we have been working on for  a long time, and Infoblu’s entry into the Telepass group is an important move, especially due to the importance that data management and the evolution of payment technologies are taking also in the automotive world: combining the excellence in the acquisition and management of Big Data, not only in the automotive sector, in the toll collection and parking technology, is a strategic choice that will allow the companies involved and the resources employed to make a big step forward in the creation of mobility products and services in the business and consumer market. It is a new beginning for the enhanced mobility we have always believed in. We are convinced that new synergies will give important results. ”

Gabriele Benedetto, CEO of Telepass S.p.A.
“In the evolution of mobility, the valorisation of data becomes increasingly important in order to improve the quality of the services offered to people and companies on the move. Thanks to the ability to manage data, it is possible to improve the service provided to customers, offering provide important indications to the emerging smart cities, which begin to integrate information on the mobility flows to provide better services to citizens. We expect Infoblu to give a decisive contribution in this sector, also playing  an increasingly strong role in the market of data related to connected cars, where Telepass aspires to play a primary role “.